Question: Where Can I Get Free Formula?

Call Your Doctor’s Office and Hospital

Call both your doctor’s office and local hospital to see if they have free baby formula available.

Formula companies often give tons of free formula to hospitals and doctor’s offices in the hopes that they’ll pass on the samples to you.

How do I get free formula?

Best Ways to Get Formula For Free

  • Earn Cash Back.
  • Request Free Samples from EverydayFamily.
  • Check With Your Pediatrician.
  • Get Free Samples from the Formula Producers.
  • Discounted Formula Samples.
  • Apply for WIC.
  • Ask Your Local Food Pantry.
  • Ask Your Local Pregnancy Center.

Can you get a prescription for formula?

In some cases, it can be, but the requirements are pretty strict. First of all, there is no federal requirement that health insurance providers cover formula. Specialized formula, whether available by prescription or over the counter, may be covered if it’s indicated by a doctor as medically necessary.

What can I substitute baby formula with?

The Best Milk Alternatives for Babies

  1. Breast Is Best. We will say it again – breast is best when it comes to feeding your infant.
  2. Donated Breast Milk. Breast milk is absolutely the best choice when it is possible.
  3. Formula Feeding.
  4. Home Made Formula.
  5. Goat Milk.
  6. Coconut Milk.
  7. Hemp Milk.

Does WIC give emergency formula?

WIC is only a supplemental food program (we only provide part, not all, of what you need), we cannot issue more than your standard monthly allotment on each voucher. We are not able to offer any emergency foods, or formula. To contact your local Food Stamp office call 426-8200.