Quick Answer: When Should You Start Planning A Baby Shower?

Quick Answer: When Should You Start Planning A Baby Shower?

When should the shower be held?

Showers are typically given four to six weeks before the baby’s due date—late enough so that the pregnancy is well along, but early enough so that the baby is unlikely to arrive before the party day does.

Who normally plans a baby shower?

Who should host a baby shower? Tradition states that a shower should not be hosted by a close family member of the parents-to-be, but instead by a friend or more distant relative, such as a cousin or an aunt. This rule was meant to avoid the appearance that the family was simply on a mission to collect gifts.

Do you have to invite your mother in law to your baby shower?

Your baby shower is weeks away and you’re still not 100 percent sure who to invite. Before you start sending out invites, check out the friends, relatives, and others who need to be on your baby shower guest list. 1. Your Mother-in-Law: Even if she lives across the country, you need to invite your mother-in-law.

What do you bring to a baby shower?

Here’s the countdown of mums’ most memorable presents.

  • Gifts from the heart.
  • Gift vouchers.
  • Treats for mum.
  • Bedding and baby blankets.
  • Nappy shower.
  • Books for mum and baby.
  • Back-up nappy changing bag.
  • Home-cooked meals for a month.

Are second babies usually early?

2. Second time babies arrive earlier than their due date. Many second time parents have actually found the opposite with baby number and they tend to arrive an average of 3 days after their due date. But as always with babies, they will arrive when they’re ready and not a moment sooner.

What are some good finger foods for a baby shower?

Budget Friendly Finger Food For Baby Shower

  1. Eggy Delight. You will need: 6 hard boiled eggs. 2 tablespoons mayonnaise.
  2. Baked Brie And Roasted Garlic. Image: iStock. This is something extremely simple, spicy, and interesting.
  3. Pita Chips With Creamy Dip. Image: iStock. Now this one is easy, healthy, and totally inexpensive.

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