Question: What Should I Buy Before Giving Birth?

What baby things do I need to buy before I give birth?

  • Infant car seat — and make sure you’ve practiced installing it!
  • Extra electric outlet covers.
  • Crib, bassinet, or co-sleeper.
  • Storage area for clothes and diapers.
  • Place to change the baby (changing table, padded foam form that attaches to any bureau top, changing pad if you plan to use the floor or bed).

How do I prepare financially for my baby?

Are you financially prepared for a baby?

  1. Review your health insurance. You’ll need to add your new addition to your health insurance policy, so take the time to review your policy now, while everything is relatively calm.
  2. Register early.
  3. Set up a baby account.
  4. Create a (new) budget.
  5. Start a 529 account.
  6. Purchase life insurance and create a will.

How do I prepare for my newborn baby?

Top Preparation Tips: Bringing Your Newborn Baby Home

  • 1.Select your healthcare provider. You can call and make an appointment while you are still pregnant.
  • Prepare some meals.
  • Think about family and friend visits.
  • Catch up on home chores and laundry.
  • Choose going home outfits.