Question: What Is The Proper Title For A Judge?

Chief Justice

How do you write the title of a judge?

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How should you address a judge?

  • In Court. In court parties/legal practitioners refer to the judge as ‘Your. Honour’
  • In person. Outside court a Judge should be addressed as ‘Judge’, and referred to ‘Judge (surname)’ or ‘his/her Honour’.
  • In writing. (Judge) The appropriate mode of address for correspondence to a Judge.
  • In writing. (Chief Judge)

Do you have to address a judge as Your Honor?

In most cases it is important to say “Yes, your honor” or “No, your honor.” Using “your honor” is the easiest way to show respect and avoid offending your judge. Remember, a judge can hold you in contempt of court, meaning they can give you a fine or even put you in jail for speaking disrespectfully.

What is the title of a retired judge?

When speaking to them, we say “Judge Smith” or “your honor.” In correspondence or pleadings, they can be referred to as Honorable John Jones, judge retired. When they are appointed to hear cases in court by the court system, they once