Question: What Does WIC Give Breastfeeding Moms?

What does WIC do for breastfeeding mothers?

Fully breastfeeding food packages are for mothers and their babies who do not receive formula from WIC and are considered to be breastfeeding exclusively.

Mothers and infants may receive this package until the infant is 12 months of age.

For mothers, this package provides the largest quantity and variety of foods.

How long do breastfeeding moms get WIC?

Breastfeeding Mothers: You can receive WIC benefits for up to one year after your baby is born. Non-breastfeeding mothers: You can receive WIC benefits for the first six months after your baby is born.

What does WIC give you while pregnant?

The new WIC foods help you and your baby meet today’s nutrition needs as recommended by your health care provider during pregnancy. You can continue to enjoy milk, cereal, eggs, juice, peanut butter and beans plus fruits, vegetables and whole grains!

Can WIC give you more formula?

But no, getting WIC does not get you a discount on formula.