Question: What Do You Do At A Sip And See Party?

Do you bring gifts to a sip and see party?

Do you bring gifts to a Sip and See?

Unlike a baby shower, where the baby registry may be listed on the invitation, gifts are not expected at a Sip and See.

However, many guests will bring a gift, especially if they have not yet given the new baby a gift.4 Sep 2018

What happens at a sip and see?

A Southern tradition that’s now making its way north, a Sip and See is a low-key party or open house to give your family and friends the chance to meet—or “see”—your new baby. Refreshments are usually light, and it’s fun to have a few drinks on hand for the “sip” part, of course.

Are SIP and sees a good idea?

Sip and See Etiquette

That’s why it’s generally a good idea to wait to throw a sip and see until a few months after baby’s birth. Unlike a baby shower, people tend to invite both men and women (and even kids) to their sip and see.

When should you do a sip and see?

When to host a Sip and See? Most people wait to host a Sip and See until baby is around 2 months old, or 8-10 weeks postpartum. This is because you will have slightly more of a handle on things, and you don’t need to be as concerned about germs around your tiny newborn baby.5 Jun 2018