Question: What Do You Do At A Baby Sprinkle?

Question: What Do You Do At A Baby Sprinkle?

Reduce the party-planning stress with these hostess tips based on baby sprinkle etiquette.

  • Keep it low key. A baby sprinkle tends to be more casual than a traditional baby shower.
  • Give guests the details. Remember this is a day to celebrate the parents and welcome baby.
  • Don’t assume.

Why are baby showers called sprinkles?

For those not in the baby-shower trenches, a sprinkle is a baby shower lite, a Diet Coke of baby showers, designed to celebrate the impending birth of a second (or third or fourth. . .) baby, but with an intimate guest list and smaller-scale gifts—more Sophie la Girafe, less Uppababy Vista.

What is a sprinkle bridal shower?

A Sprinkle is typically a lower key affair than a shower (hence the name “sprinkle”!) and usually just the mother’s closest friends and family are invited. Now some pregnant moms will retort, “But my friends really want to bring me a gift.”

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