What Age Do Babies Go Into Sip And See?

2 months old

Can you have a baby shower and a sip and see?

While baby shower invite lists can get quite lengthy, Sip and Sees are more intimate and meant for close family and friends. And while baby showers are usually for ladies only, Sip and Sees are often family affairs, so inviting couples and kids is OK.

Do you take a gift to a sip and see?

Do you bring gifts to a Sip and See? Unlike a baby shower, where the baby registry may be listed on the invitation, gifts are not expected at a Sip and See. However, many guests will bring a gift, especially if they have not yet given the new baby a gift.

Are SIP and sees a good idea?

Sip and See Etiquette

That’s why it’s generally a good idea to wait to throw a sip and see until a few months after baby’s birth. Unlike a baby shower, people tend to invite both men and women (and even kids) to their sip and see.

Can a baby shower be done after the baby is born?

If the shower is to be held after the birth of the baby, it should be 4-6 weeks after the birth depending on how the mom-to-be feels. The baby shower invitations can introduce the baby, but should not take the place of the formal baby announcements.