Question: Should I Have Two Baby Showers?

It is now acceptable to have a baby shower for a second or even third child, even if they are the same gender.

Every baby can be celebrated, and it’s a great opportunity to get together with family and friends.

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However, the family having the baby should not be the initiator.

Are you only supposed to have one baby shower?

Baby showers traditionally were thrown for the expectant mother by a close friend or co-worker (usually not a relative) and only for her first baby. In modern times, baby showers are given not just for the first child, but the rest as well.

What is a sprinkle baby shower?

Being pregnant with your first child is a magical time. A baby sprinkle is a lower-key gathering that allows friends and family to shower a pregnant woman with love and a couple of gifts (like diapers — you can never have enough diapers), without all the bells and whistles of a big shower for a new mom-to-be.

How long are baby showers usually?

three hours

Do men go to baby showers?

Traditionally, guys aren’t in the mix, and most will say they have been just fine with that. Until now. The “man shower,” or baby shower for dudes, is officially becoming a thing. “Barbecue, babies and beer” is popular, she says, and so are poker themes where the “buy in” is diapers and wipes.