Is Down Syndrome Screening Covered By Insurance?

The test screens for Down’s syndrome and Spina Bifida, two common birth defects.

The test is usually covered by insurance.

The results usually return two weeks after the blood draw.

How accurate is screening for Down’s syndrome?

It involves a simple blood test that analyses DNA from the baby that has passed into the mother’s bloodstream. The test is done after 10 weeks and is more than 99% accurate for Down syndrome. This type of test is most suitable for women who are at increased risk of having a baby with Down syndrome.

Can you tell Down syndrome from an ultrasound?

Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome

These include: A blood test and an ultrasound test during the first trimester of pregnancy. An ultrasound can detect fluid at the back of a fetus’s neck, which sometimes indicates Down syndrome. The ultrasound test is called measurement of nuchal translucency.

Is prenatal genetic testing covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans cover prenatal testing, especially for women over 35 years of age.

Is first trimester screening covered by insurance?

It’s Optional, but It’s Usually Covered By Insurance

First trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities is not required, but it is generally covered by insurance companies.