Quick Answer: How Much Cash Should I Give As A Wedding Gift In India?

What gifts do you give at an Indian wedding?

Quick Answer: How Much Cash Should I Give As A Wedding Gift In India?

Common traditional Indian wedding gifts

  • Cash. It’s an extremely old tradition to gift the bride and groom some cash.
  • Jewellery. Gifting jewellery items like gold chains and gold rings to the groom’s family members is an extremely common tradition, especially in North India.
  • Traditional clothes.
  • Sweets, Dry fruits or fruits.

What is the best gift for wedding?

The Top 25 Wedding Gifts That Every Couple Wants

  1. Williams-Sonoma 10-Piece Glass Bowl Set.
  2. Calphalon Classic Cooling Rack.
  3. Pyrex Easy Grab Bake ‘N Store 8-Piece Set.
  4. Simplehuman Brushed Bag Holder.
  5. The Cellar Selene Cake Dome.
  6. Martha Stewart Cupcake Carrier.
  7. Martha Stewart Nonskid Mixing Bowls.
  8. CorningWare French White Bakeware 10-Piece Set.

What color should you not wear to an Indian wedding?

Bright colors are highly encouraged at Indian weddings and only a few colors should be avoided when choosing your wedding attire. Do not wear white or black as there are the colors worn at Indian funerals and for mourning. Red should also be avoided since this is the color that the bride tends to wear.

What gift do you give a newlywed couple?

Wedding Gifts: 50 Practical Things You Can Gift Newly-Weds

  • The Antique Wall Clock. It is quite plausible the newly-weds will receive many creative wedding gifts but an antique wall clock is something that will definitely stand out.
  • Wooden Wine Box.
  • Exquisite Dinner Cutlery.
  • Digital Photo Frame.
  • Couple Perfume Set.
  • Handmade Keys Hanger.
  • A Matching Pair Of Watches.
  • Lampshade.

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