How Do You Celebrate Your Anniversary On A Budget?

15 Ideas To Celebrate Your Anniversary On A Budget

  • Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt with lots of fun clues.
  • Dress in your Sunday’s best and take a stroll out on the town.
  • Attend an open mic and have some fun with it!
  • Go to a matinee movie or to a local dollar theater (if you have on in your town).
  • Go out for coffee or breakfast instead of dinner.

How can I make my anniversary special?

If You Want to Get Away

  1. Take a day trip together to your favorite spot.
  2. Go on a scenic drive and stop at a wine and cheese bar.
  3. Go camping.
  4. Take an overnight backpacking trip.
  5. Take a wine tasting tour.
  6. Take a scenic train trip.
  7. Save up for a destination vacation.
  8. Explore a new city.

What do you do on wedding anniversary?

Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas for Couples

  • Recreate Your Wedding Night Menu.
  • Relive Your First Date.
  • Have Your Own Personal Photo Shoot.
  • 4. Make an Anniversary Mix CD.
  • Do Something New.
  • Get Crafty.
  • Watch Your Wedding Video.
  • Give Thoughtful Gifts.

How can I celebrate my anniversary alone?

Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary:

  1. Plan ahead. Most likely you will know at least a little bit ahead of time that your spouse will be gone during your anniversary.
  2. Don’t Spend it Alone! I really think this is key.
  3. Plan a Special Skype Date.
  4. Send Presents.
  5. Have Your Own Candlelit Dinner!