Quick Answer: Do Grooms Attend Bridal Showers?

A: Usually grooms don’t attend showers — can you imagine what it would be like if you had to attend the bachelor party?

Traditionally, a “bridal” shower is for the bride and her close female relatives and friends (and often female relatives on the groom’s side, too).

Does the groom bring flowers to the bridal shower?

“The tradition of the groom showing up with flowers just before his fiancée opens the gifts is definitely back,” says Weiss. A popular one: making a bouquet out of the shower gifts’ ribbons and bows and using it as a stand-in for the real one at the wedding rehearsal.

What should groom wear to wedding shower?

What a Groom Should Wear to the Engagement Party (and Beyond)

  • Engagement Party. Dress code: dressy casual. For this sort of event, a pair of dress pants, a blazer and a shirt without a tie feel appropriate.
  • Couple’s Shower. Dress code: casual. This is similar to dressy casual, just exclude the jacket.
  • Rehearsal Dinner. Dress code: semiformal/cocktail.

Who brings the bride to the bridal shower?

Who hosts and pays for the bridal shower? The bridal shower is usually hosted by the bridesmaids, the bride or groom’s mother, or other close female relatives. If family members aren’t available to help plan, the bridesmaids should step in to help take care of some of the arrangements.

How long before a wedding should you have a bridal shower?

One month to three months before you get married is the sweet spot for bridal shower timing. That’s because it’s a little unfair to wedding guests to stretch out marriage celebrations in your honor for more than a few months (besides the engagement party).